About us

SPE «New Standard» LLC has been successfully working in the domestic market in the metalwareindustry for already 20 years, systematically developing its activities with Ukrainian as well as foreign partners due to the use of the wide range of the latest high-end technologies in the production.

The task of the Company is to make our Customers feel confident with knowing that they have entrusted their production to the team of reliable and experienced professionals. We are for the strategic partnership and therefore the interests of the Customer are above all.

When fulfilling orders, we are guided by the criteria of “necessary and sufficient”, and the focus on the reliability and high efficiency of our products ensures achievement of the main purpose of the Company — the success of our Customers, Your success!

The main purpose of New Standard Company activity is the most complete satisfaction of existing and ever-increasing demands and desires of our Customers in the metalware industry.

We know a lot about metal, its types and methods of processing, thanks to our modern equipment. All kinds of works on metalwareproduction are performed by qualified professionals.

We offer integrated cooperation for the production and renewal of the following parts:

1. Production of gears, tooth wheels, worm/chain gears.
2. Production and renewal of rubberware and polyurethane products.
3. Production of knives, cutters and other cutting mechanisms.
4. Customized production of any nonstandard components.
5. Heat treatment,turning and milling works.
6. Galvanic coating, grinding and welding with hard-alloy materials.

Great experience, fast and efficient solutions and reputation of a reliable supplier are the Company’s brand identity!


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